How to bake without flour and sugar

Nobody can bake cake without flour, without sugar or without butter. Can they? Well, I found this recipe for Date Brownies with Black Pepper in Saturday’s Guardian, and let me tell you, they’re a very bright idea. Not pretty, not at all. But who cares when they taste so good?

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41 thoughts on “How to bake without flour and sugar”

  1. decided I couldn’t really start the day without visiting – and so glad I have. With these in my tummy I will be able to do anything today!!


  2. Oh I think they look fine and very similar to regular brownies. They probably taste a lot more interesting than the purely mega sweet traditional recipes. I think using dates is a smart move, but I am surprised at the olive oil for the fat as opposed to say rapeseed oil.

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  3. Not jumping out at me and shouting “Eat Me” – I guess the dates give them the sweetness. When my children were young I regularly made flapjacks and a date layer bar for their lunch boxes. It’s a wonder they have any teeth!

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