Fanny for Grabs.

Many of you ask me how my daughter’s getting on. Well, her treatment is over, and her hair is growing apace. She’s decided to prove how well she’s doing by training to do the London Marathon next year, to raise money for Worldwide Cancer Research, and help fund further research into oesophageal cancer.

And in other news, here’s her latest blog post.

Fanny the Champion of the World

A few weeks ago, I did a deal with my son. My angry, grieving, difficult son. It wasn’t a deal I wanted to do, and – in many ways – it felt like a pact with the devil. I told him that if he would engage with a course of counselling, then I’d do what he’d been asking for, and start to look for a new partner.

I knew that it would take several weeks to sort out my son’s head, and, through counselling, he’d probably realise that his problems were not going to be easily solved by my acquiring a substitute for his dad. I wasn’t ready for a relationship, and was otherwise muddling along as a double – not single – parent, but at my wits’ end.

Both boys have been desperate to see me happy again – and that, they believe, means for me to be married…

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  1. Wonderful! I haven’t asked, but I’ve certainly been wondering – assuming news would be posted when the time is right. So good to read of Fanny’s forays. Online dating is an adventure in every sense. A good thing Fanny has so much good sense: there are all types out there! But it can certainly work; B and I have our 11th anniversary on the horizon, courtesy of an online dating site. In fact, it was a last hurrah for me; after a few years of fun but nothing permanent I’d decided not to renew my subscription. So it can happen! I wish her and the boys – and the marathon-running scientist – every scrap of luck going. I’m sure she’ll enjoy the ride how ever it turns out 🙂

    (Is Fanny’s decision to train in any way connected with said marathon-running scientist? The London Marathon is a fantastic event. I assume you will be giving us details when she’s ready to start fund-raising?)

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    1. Doh… This is what happens when I read too fast, too early… Of course I remembered Ellie’s name – she shares it with my daughter…. And of course I saw the link to her fund-raising page… Apologies to all concerned!

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    2. No. Ellie had signed up for the London Marathon even before she finished chemotherapy, as something positive to work towards. Having a supportive trainer on side is just the icing on the cake. And it’s good to hear so many internet-related ‘I met my partner…’stories. Thanks for sharing yours.


  2. I’m so pleased for her! Internet dating worked for my sister: they went on their first date in February and married in August. So don’t be surprised if things happen quickly — if it’s right they’ll know it.

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  3. Fantastic news in every way. That Ellie feels well enough to start thinking of the future is already a bonus. Contemplating a relationship and then finding someone who clicks is the icing on the cake. Internet dating worked well for me. I made the move and my date’s profile shot showed him crossing a 10k finishing line which sums up many of his enduring qualities 8 years on. Best of luck to Ellie and the boys. Love xxx

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  4. I love reading Ellie’s post and seeing this happy, hopeful side of her. So much of her blog has been focused on venting–necessary and legitimate venting–that I hadn’t seen this other side of her personality. I’m so happy for her, and you all!

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  5. Thank you for the update – sending prayers for good health from across the pond. My wife returned from her European tour with her sister last night and it is good to have her home…. we must all count our blessings of family when we can. Peace.

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