Walking Every Single Day During Lockdown

I’ve made discoveries on my doorstep:


Greensitt Batts, West Tanfield.


North Lees, near Ripon.

River bank

River Ure at Sleningford.


The White Pond, near Musterfield.


Hall Farm near Tanfield


A new walk, every single day.

Six Word Saturday

A composite walk for Jo’s Monday Walk

Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

59 thoughts on “Walking Every Single Day During Lockdown”

  1. And circles, instead of those other ones 🙂 🙂 Though I think I did spy one! Funnily enough I think we’ve walked more during lockdown, Margaret. A daily walk has been our saviour in many ways, replacing some other activities. Yes- we are the lucky ones. Thanks a lot for linking. Happy walking!

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  2. We’re walking every day too. Making discoveries and trying to find new paths.

    On Sat, 2 May 2020, 08:20 From Pyrenees to Pennines, wrote:

    > margaret21 posted: “I’ve made discoveries on my doorstep: Woodland > Farmland River bank Lakeside Pasture Wildlife A new walk, every single day. > Six Word Saturday A composite walk for Jo’s Monday Walk” >

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    1. I know! I’m ashamed really at how many discoveries I’ve made. I thought I’d done my exploring. On the other hand, I now have a whole network of new path combinations. ‘See’ you on Monday, Zoom permitting?


  3. What great discoveries. Your walks are so rewarding. The pond looks wonderful – what a find. We can now walk between 6 and 9 a.m. and our best option is walking in the nearby eucalyptus plantation – although nice to get out and stretch the legs (and walk the dogs), it doesn’t come close to your lovely discoveries. Thanks for sharing them.

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    1. The pond was indeed a wonderful find – and apparently a secret. The deer there are a bit disgusted with me, but I was enchanted. Not everything shown was in fact a new discovery, but put together with unknown paths, made for discovery walks.

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  4. Such a wide variety of landscapes to enjoy. I’m beginning to struggle to find different routes that are no more than a kilometre from home but it will make next Monday’s walk so much more enjoyable.

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  5. Those shots have captured this spring beautifully. It has been unusually dry hasn’t it and gorgeously sunny too. It’s just as well with everything else. . . . .

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  6. You have some lovely different locations around you, how far do you walk to get to some of these? I love that airy woodland. The woodland close to us is much more dense and no real trails through the undergrowth.

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    1. I’ve really learnt to appreciate the variety we can find locally. All the walks I do are from the house, and the most I’ve walked has been eight miles from here – five miles is more usual, or even less. We do have some lovely woodlands for walking in.


      1. I live on a hill so no matter which direction I go in there is always a up at some point! Plus the roads don’t have pavements and with bends it can be dangerous, not so much now I guess.

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      2. Fog? Mist? Living in a cloud? Wind?
        But when none of that is going on we do have lovely views and great sunsets. 😁


    1. But I think that your lifestyle has made you very good at that anyway. You always seem to have time to ‘stand and stare’ in a positive way.


  7. Now that I am beginning to feel better I hope to sneak out and have a proper walk round our patch, maybe not every day at first.
    You do have some lovely places to walk to from your home!

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  8. You have a glorous doorstep! I get the feeling that many of us are reconnecting with what’s around us and finding little pleasures closer to hand. I found a good patch of cowslips yesterday along the main road. A little past their best, but I’ll know where they are for next year.

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