Past their best?

On a morning like this, with rain cascading down outside, and all is gloomy and grey, most things – me included – seem to have seen better days. Let’s go for a walk and see what we can find. A virtual walk. It’s far to wet for anything else.

Let’s start off in the farmyard:

Beyond these farms is a country house, with mossy gates.

Sleningford Hall, North Yorkshire

Perfect for Hallowe’en, don’t you think?

OK. Take off your boots now, and let’s go for a city stroll instead.

Even towns have gardens. Harlow Carr is a marvellous RHS garden near Harrogate. They keep things immaculately … except in the Edwardian garden shed.

Lastly, let’s have a bit of a clean up. Here’s plenty of rubbish from the past found on a recent litter pick near a factory in Ripon. Perfect for Past Squares. Let’s find it by looking through The Square Window today (anyone remember Play School?)

That’ll do for one day I think. Time to go home and stay out of the rain.

The featured photo was taken in Seville.

Lens-Artists Challenge #168: Seen Better Days

Past Squares

Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

80 thoughts on “Past their best?”

  1. Oh yes, I remember the Playschool windows!
    I LOVE the tractor!
    And the pots… and tools… well, everything at Hadlow Carr is bound to be lovely – and your photos do them justice! I think I could send in a selfie for this title. :-(. !!

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  2. Past their best and all photographed to look attractive even the skip in Barcelona. It’s such a pity that we don’t see old humans in the same way as beautiful vintage or stylish antique.

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  3. Tatty, old, battered… each of these shots has a story attached (alongside you’re clever virtual walk this morning). There’s so much more atmosphere in pictures of old, used, unloved things than in immaculate, shiny and new. Love this post.

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      1. Goodness, do take care. Can’t have you damaging yourself. Hope you went home and put your feet up with a cuppa to recover. Though somehow I doubt that you did.

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  4. I remember Playschool! Great set of images. I love things that are showing a bit of wear and tear over the shiny and new. I like things and people that have lived a little and have the marks and stories to show for it. Hope the weather picks up for you soon, until then a virtual walk is perfect.

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  5. Thank you for the walk on a rainy day, Margaret. Though they past their best, you captured beautifully. I are looking forward to rain here…

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  6. You found so many weathered and worn treasures on your walk! I love it! Your header image is wonderful. I also love the fence with the cobwebs. Perfect for Halloween!!

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  7. As always wonderful photos. I love a garden shed. Ages ago you asked about the Camping at A-V; it’s still going but a bit ramshackle at the moment. Sorry for my erratic responses. Very busy and I’m still struggling with WordPress


    1. Can’t decide whether ramshackle is good or bad. Or whether your busyness is good or bad. WP has a mind if its own. We have, it seems, to live with it.


      1. Had to go and read the comments in order to understand your reaction! Have to say that I loved all the pics, I’m a sucker for ‘old and destitute’!


  8. Well Margaret, just count me glad it rained that day! You had quite a marvelous set of images in your archived – perfect for the challenge! I think the mossy gates were my favorite but there were so many contenders!!!

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  9. Back to ramshackle. It’s past its best and beyond shabby chic. There were a few Dutch and the occasional Belgian cars but a shadow of its former self. Hopefully it’s temporary. Very late in the day I have realised I need to use my iPad and not my phone to respond.


    1. That’s such a pity. It used to be a delight. As to WP. That’s strange. I rarely use either my tablet or phone when blogging, but my phone is usually OK when I do.


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