A Surprise in Spain

We’re in Spain. Emily and Miquel had invited us to celebrate her 30th birthday with them, so off we went to Barcelona on Thursday. Where they immediately announced ‘Some friends have lent us their holiday home near the coast for the weekend. Don’t unpack. We’re off in an hour.’

The sun was setting as we arrived at a village, somewhere near Girona. As we arrived, I was sure it must be the wrong place – there were cars in the drive, and this was no small holiday cottage. We got out anyway…. and a line of people appeared on the balcony singing ‘Happy Birthday’…. to me.

It was my family. My whole family. My three children, their partners and children, who had all secretly plotted and contrived to come here for a long-delayed 70th birthday celebration, just for me, here, this weekend. And I hadn’t suspected a thing.

On the actual day, two years ago, Ellie was in the middle of chemotherapy and celebrations were in short supply.

So here we are, all 15 of us, all in the same place at the same time – something that almost never happens. For a whole long weekend of glorious weather, spending our days playing with the children on the beach, and our evenings on the terrace outside eating, drinking and talking, always talking…..

Lunch by the beach

Emily’s birthday hasn’t even had a mention yet. That’s on Monday. We’ll celebrate that then, back in Barcelona.

Phone photos are hard to come by in bright sunshine. Here’s some fun in the pool at our weekend home.

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43 thoughts on “A Surprise in Spain”

  1. This is the best!! I love that it was a complete surprise (being two years post-birthday contributed to that, I suppose!) and that the party meant everyone received the gift of you all being together! What a fine family you have!

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  2. This is wonderful Margaret. I am sitting here smiling just thinking about it! What clever plotting must have gone on and what a lovely reunion and celebration. Best birthday wishes and to your daughter too.

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  3. Oh my….. there are some drawbacks to commenting from newest to oldest posts! Happy, happy, happy belated birthday, dear Margaret, you’re about 18 mo ahead of me but nobody will plan a surprise party for me when ‘I’ll be there….’ as literally nobody knows my age. That’s what’s happening when you get married to a much younger guy! On my 50th birthday we officially celebrated not my birthday (well, HH knew but else – nobody) but our newly bought house in Torquay – we bought in September and celebrated Open House in October, on my birthday!
    What a beautiful, beautiful surprise for you. I’m quite overwhelmed with joy for you – even now, quite some time later! All the best for the rest of your rich and well-filled life. And hopefully good and better times always for Ellie. What a difference of having a birthday then and now! Goodness me…

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    1. Oh, thanks to poor Ellie’s health , or lack of it at the time, this ‘special’ birthday is celebrated two years late. But a celebration is always a celebration and we had a wonderful time. You’ll catch up one day 😉

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