New Kinds of Standing Stones

Blogging challenges, Scotland

Dumfries and Galloway is good at pre- and early history. I took you to Cairn Holy a few days ago. And apparently their long tradition of standing stones lives on. I had a walk along the beach at Mossyard Bay, and this is what I found – standing stones, no higher than a school ruler, erected – oh, as late as September 2020.

This one is for this week’s photo challenge: something less ordinary beside the sea. The same shot, just above it, has been squared off for Kinda Square.

2020 Photo Challenge #40

#Kinda Square

‘Beside the Seaside, Beside the Sea …’

Blogging challenges, Scotland

Dumfries & Galloway is our new favourite place.  We felt as though we’d discovered it and had it all to ourselves.  We explored the wildly beautiful and seemingly remote Cairnsmore of Fleet National Natural Nature Reserve. We found ancient cairns.  We slogged up hills for the sake of views over the Solway Firth. And we enjoyed the beaches.  We’ll take a virtual seaside trip today: there’s not a fairground ride, amusement arcade or kiss-me-quick hat in sight.  There’s not even a chippie.  Just us, the rocky shore, and the sea, advancing or retreating with the tide.

Let’s begin at Mossyard Bay.  I sent you a postcard from there just last Thursday.


Near Mutehill, Kirkudbright, early one morning.

Finally, Carsethorne, near Dumfries. It’s a small hamlet now, but it used to be a busy port, shipping people to Liverpool, to the Isle of Man and to Ireland on their way to a new life in the New World.

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