Gazing upwards at Canary Wharf

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Last week meant a visit to London, to see the family we haven’t had sight of since last August. This was no tourist trip, but on our last day, the children securely occupied at school or nursery, we did venture forth – more of that another day. Today, I’ll simply share views from the escalator at Canary Wharf Station, because I always find this sight optimistic and full of light.

Monday Window

39 thoughts on “Gazing upwards at Canary Wharf

  1. The station does have a beautiful structure, seemingly drawing the eye upwards. Must have been great to to get out to visit London, but even better to see your London grandchildren and family.

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  2. Oh am so pleased you’ve managed to get to see your family in London at last. I was thinking you’d be surely on your way down south soon. Hope it was very enjoyable. You must have noticed quite a change in the children.


  3. Lovely, that you managed to see your family! I enjoyed your photos, but otherwise I have to say I don’t like Canary Wharf (which is unfortunately where I work, when I don’t work from home).

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  4. Heigh ho. I wonder if I’d find it different if I worked there? What I enjoy really is the DLR journey, and all the waterways the area seems sited round. And the names on the way. Mudchute. Heron Quays. That sort of thing. Carefully chosen, I realise, but even so …

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    1. Yeah, I like all the water as well. And there’s a great view from the skyscrapers. But the area has no character or soul and the diversity you see in other parts of London is more or less non-existing in Canary Wharf.

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