Last Photo in May…

Taken yesterday evening after attending a concert by the Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments (yes, really). This was the view high up in Swaledale.

For Brian’s Last on the Card, which invites us to post our last photo of the month, whether good, bad, or indifferent, without comment. I can’t do the ‘without comment’ bit.

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36 thoughts on “Last Photo in May…”

    1. Sadly not I think Sandra. It would mean little without photos. There were a variety of old instruments apart from the extraordinary trumpet marine, which sounds indeed like a trumpet. And a dancer/narrator dressed in the 18th century manner. It was fun and instructive too.


      1. Yes, I see the problem. Glad you enjoyed it though. Good to see you’re getting out and about again. (As are we! A few days away looming, can’t wait!)


  1. Thank you for the link to the society’s website. I like this definition: “Voice – The most strange and ancient instrument of all.” The Trumpet Marine sounds amazing.

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  2. Well I never! And what a fantastic sunset though a photo of the trumpet marine would have been a great last photo!
    PS I can’t do the ‘without comment’ bit either!

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  3. A lovely sunset and I enjoyed visiting the Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments site and listening to some of the instruments and arrangements, so thanks for the link!

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