A duplicitous view …

… of the V&A Museum, in London …

… because the image above is upside down.

This is what I really saw. Its reflection in the lake at the front of the building. But I up-ended it.

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41 thoughts on “A duplicitous view …”

  1. Very clever. The V&A is a lovely building, and I can’t believe that I have only visited it once, a few years ago, despite being in London and its other museums regularly (though not recently sadly). I was astonished when I went inside and saw how beautiful it is.

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      1. I know what you mean. On my one visit to the V&A we mainly concentrated on a theatre costume exhibition and lunch, but as soon as life is back to normal, I’ll be back exploring more of it. I can’t count how many times I’ve been to the Natural History Museum, but I’m sure I’ve probably only scratched the surface!


  2. Capturing reflections certainly produces some interesting images. I have wondered with any of the Impressionists ever painted what they saw reflected in ponds or lakes then turned their canvasses upside and presented a finished painted scene.

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  3. Two great UPs! Everyone is getting very clever. Love the first shot of a place I have never been to. I often kick myself for not exploring London more when I lived not too far away, perhaps one of these days we’ll have to spend a few days there. So much to see.

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    1. There is. And I suspect that you, like me, aren’t fond of crowds. Well, who knows how things will be post-Covid, but the V&A is one of those places that doesn’t get too crowded, and there are so many other things to see of the main tourist trail.


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