More postcards – and from Cádiz again

I have said it before, and I expect I shall say it again, but our few days in Cádiz earlier this year – this year! – are part of another life – a life I want to remember and treasure. And Jude provides an opportunity in her Travel Challenge. She’s hoping that outline, rather than three dimensional qualities will come to the fore in our choices of photo. As I looked through my archive, I realised that Cádiz fits the bill, yet again.

It’s nearly all about the seafront. Those palm trees! Those street lights!

Or we could look beyond the old city to industry and modern life in the distance.

Or we could go indoors – first to climb the Cathedral tower and to inspect the old clock workings: before going to a traditional sherry bar, Manzanilla, to enjoy a quiet drink and a snack surrounded by those barrels of maturing sherry ¡Salud!

2020 Photo Challenge #49

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45 thoughts on “More postcards – and from Cádiz again”

  1. Ooh, what a picture you have painted…and I’ll have that delicious, salty Manzanilla Sherry, please, at the appropriately named Manzanilla!!

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  2. You are most definitely a person who sees 2D shapes. Wonderful selection here, but the photo that steals the show for me is the header with those boats and the silhouettes on the shoreline and that gorgeous purple sunset. Thank you.

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      1. I can understand why. You have made me want to visit Cadiz even more through your photos. I must persuade my daughter to have another holiday with me in Spain. When we can!

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      2. I really lost my heart to Cádiz. Sure, it’s a tourist destination, but it retains its feel of being a good old seaside town not dominated by us pesky incomers.


  3. First off, your photo are absolutely wonderful. 😀 This has been a year of all years. All of us are starting our lives and creating a new life since Covid.


  4. Oh, Margaret, what a gem! We drove through Spain for 14 days 2016 and I loved every minute! But – Cadiz was too far south this time – if there ever is a next time, we will try Cadiz. Marvelous shots and a true beauty with history. Thank you for the tip!


  5. I enjoyed all these pics – esp the first one with the palms and the lamps, and the cranes and the bridge. How incredible to feel nostalgia for such recent times that feel like forever ago!

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