A window in a bad way

Tomorrow, for our regular Tuesday Day Out, we’re taking (another) trip to Cádiz. We’re going to spend time near the sea and pop to a couple of places in town. But today I want to take you instead to Plaza de España. Here is a handsome house in a handsome area. But now it’s down on its uppers. No longer smart, it’s still extremely characterful. I thought it deserved its fifteen minutes of fame.

Monday Window

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35 thoughts on “A window in a bad way”

  1. That is a particularly Spanish style of window, it seems to me. There was one on the building 5 meters across the street from the pensión where I stayed my first night in Toledo. It had dozens of eyes of military recruits hoping I’d forget to close the shades. Unfortunately, I did, until they reminded me…


  2. This makes me inexplicably sad… I LOVE old houses with a soul, a story and history to tell. I see all those hazardous cables wall-mounted higgledy-piggledy, the rust and decay and I would probably try to give it back its former beauty – but those broken windows!

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    1. I know. It was quite strange. It’s a prosperous area, that address, and if the current owners aren’t in a position to cahnege things, I’m sure there would be buyers.

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  3. Somethings still in their less than glory days make for a fine photograph. The details on that window are admirable, I hope they survive any future restoration.


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