Everything Points to the Cathedral

I’ve shown this image before, but it’s a textbook  demonstration of perspective – everything here leads your eye to the cathedral in Cádiz – so let’s give it another outing – squared up of course – for Day Ten of Square Perspectives.

Were we really only there in January?  It feels like another life, a different world.  And look at that clear, warm light!  Ah well …

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27 thoughts on “Everything Points to the Cathedral”

    1. Morning Jo – I read your comment about your son. So sorry. Such difficult times, especially for the young. Hope you can see each other soon xx


  1. Yes, I love this photo of yours. It makes me have a sense of those Renaissance artists carefully setting out their lines in prep to achieve what you’ve captured in a split second of the shutter opening and closing.

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  2. Yes it’s beautiful. Can’t believe we were in Spain in March, if only for a week! Seems like a long long time ago.

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  3. Excellent photo. Indeed, January seems as if it were years ago. Thank you for the perspective. I am praying we will someday return to life as it was in January. Peace.

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  4. The photo is a good demonstration of perspective, and it is also a reminder how much our perspective on just about everything has altered so dramatically since January.

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