12 thoughts on “The sunflowers’ last stand”

  1. Here in Midwest USA it’s corn and soybeans. But, sunflowers are far better. I was in France for business trip and learning expedition in September 1995 and we traveled from Paris to the Loire Valley and the fields were resplendent with sunflowers before the harvest. To us Americans it seemed different and beautiful and captured our imaginations. Thank you for taking me back in time. Have a wonderful week and enjoy the harvest.


  2. Ah success with the ‘not-so -smart’ tech – really gorgeous photo, looks almost like a painting on my computer screen. They are so dramatic en masse with all that poignant drooping.


  3. I saw these exact sunflowers in the summer when they were standing up and smiling. They always seem to me to look slightly ashamed when they drop their heads like that. Trying to digest worrying snippet on the news (“project fear”?) concerning pet passports post Brexit.

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    1. We were wondering about that. The only comfort I can draw from our own passport shenanigans (see most recent post) is that we shall at least have a European passport fo the next ten years.


    1. That made me smile wryly and sadly. It is true that there are aspects to blogging that can feel like that especially when bad at managing my time as I seem to have been lately, more so than usual. But I love reading your blog and have been missing keeping in touch. And now it looks as though at some point I inadvertently unfollowed, which I am about to rectify.

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