Unconsidered trifles

We went to Foix today: county town of the Ariège, twinned with Ripon, not that anyone takes any notice of that.

It has a castle- a fairy tale castle if you’re that way out, or the scene of medieval jousting and chivalrous knights if you prefer.  It’s a Proper Castle, anyway.

We always enjoy pottering down the city’s narrow little streets, and today these are what we found there…..

…and later, in the mediaeval abbey church of Saint Volusien…….

The church of Saint Volusien.

……these jolly creatures were marching above us, near the high altar.

Click on any image to see full size.

20 thoughts on “Unconsidered trifles”

    1. Yes. Sadly, it’s a twinning that’s never been exploited. A Ripon mayor about three years ago tried to establish a connection, but failed. There’s a sign as you come into Foix advertising this twinning, which has existed for many years – on paper.


  1. I also loved Foix and I think after all those times I still always write it wrongly….. 🙂 It’s one of those words spoken OK-ishly but when written wrongly, ouch…..
    faith – foi, la
    liver – foie le
    place – Foix
    x times – x fois

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