Snapshot Saturday: many stories – one cathedral

This week’s pictures hint at two or more stories: at that of the life of Jesus, from whose life and teaching spring one of the world’s great religions. And at the building of La Sagrada FamiliaAntoni Gaudí’s cathedral celebrating Jesus’ family, created by thousands of craftspeople with special stories to tell, gathered over the last 136 years …. maybe only another eight or so to go.




‘Story’ is this week’s WordPress photo challenge.  Click on any image to view full size. 

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18 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday: many stories – one cathedral”

    1. You must Sharon. Both the coastal journey, or more especially the one we almost always took, via Ax les Thermes and over the Pyrenees are treats in themselves.


  1. The cathedral and the architect were the subject of a trivia question before dinner last night. I nailed the answer and impressed my daughter and wife. I did so for two reasons – in large part because I have a good memory and I have blogger friends who allow me to travel along on their adventures. Have a wonderful day, have you leaped forward yet (the spring time change)?

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  2. Maggie and I are contemplating a trip to Portugal and Spain for next year. The cathedral is on the list. The British Isles to follow as I have a cousin in Bristol that I have never met. We have a common great grandfather. Cheers.

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