Snapshot Saturday: Brimham Rocks – securely unchanging in inconstant times

Once, three hundred and twenty million years ago, a Norwegian river tumbled its way across the landmass then connecting it to Scotland and turned towards Yorkshire, pushing sand and grit before it.  Over the millennia, those sands aggregated to become millstone grit.

More millennia passed. Temperatures in Northern Europe tumbled: an Ice Age.  Glaciers ground and eroded the relatively soft stone which had been dumped so many centuries before. Seeping water froze, thawed, froze again, splitting the rocks.  Cold strong winds buffeted away at rough edges. Those rocks assumed strange shapes, balancing improbably in the landscape.

Time moved on.  Man arrived, farming too, and industry.  But this little patch of Yorkshire, known as Brimham Rocks remains itself, untamable, unchanging, offering a feeling of security that some things remain constant for those of us lucky enough to live nearby this weird and fantastical playground.

This is my contribution to this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge: Security

35 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday: Brimham Rocks – securely unchanging in inconstant times”

    1. They’re not that different in many ways. Though Brimham Rocks tend to teeter on their tippy toes a bit more often, I think. What makes them strange is that they’re in such a limited geographical area. You’re either ‘in the zone’ or you’re not. They don’t gradually peter out.


  1. “this weird and fantastical playground.” Those people look tiny against those rocks! They must be massive…and a bit of a challenge to climb and get up there too. I take that they don’t pose a danger and are pretty solid stuck to the ground 🙂

    It is so interesting how the weather and temperatures over decade and centuries changes the world and turns it into something we never imagined. Lovely shots, and love the perspectives.

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  2. Always an original take on the challenge 🙂 And an enthralling tumble through the millennia over which the formations were created.

    Sorry to hear of Ellie’s challenges. I hope things will turn a corner for her very soon.

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      1. I don’t know if you’ve come across Roland Barthes’ ‘Camera Lucida’, but he writes about the qualities of photographs and, for me, your last image has, as he opines, ‘punctum’. (Sorry, please excuse me, bit early in the week for philosophical musings, but thought your photo genuinely compelling.)

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  3. Hi Margaret. What amazing and ancient rock formations, and an interesting response to the challenge. For some reason my follow to your blog got disconnected. Will fix that. Thinking of you and your family.

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    1. I’m really appreciative of, and honoured by your nomination. Thank you. However, I made the decision a while back not to accept or participate in blog awards. I’ll enjoy looking at the entries of your other nominees!

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