Running the marathon miles in memory of her beloved husband

Today, on International Women’s Day, Worldwide Cancer Research has shared my daughter’s story on its blog.  Many of you have read many chapters of this story, but maybe you didn’t know about the London Marathon training……

In 2016 Elinor Hamilton’s life changed in a way she never would have imagined. Phil – her loving husband and father to their two young sons – passed away. Press the link to keep reading.

Source: Running the marathon miles in memory of her beloved husband

31 thoughts on “Running the marathon miles in memory of her beloved husband”

  1. I have often wondered how she and her boys are getting on. She really is an inspiration, Margaret. Having watched my sons run the London Marathon for a cause very close to our hearts, I know what an amazing day this will be for everyone involved. Good luck, Ellie!

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  2. Kudos to her! I’d been forgetting that every time I ride the Tube I probably hear Phil’s voice. Next time I ride I shall remember him.

    I have always felt that I should have done more for brain tumor research in memory of my brother-in-law. I suppose it’s never too late.

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  3. What an amazing woman. I think of you and your lovely family every time I’m on the tube. Changing the subject, you probably know this, there is huge, expensive and quite ferocious traffic calming in Laroque d’Olmes near “your” house.

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    1. Yes, I always choose the lines where I might hear Ellie or Phil if I can. I didn’t know about the traffic calming, and Googling it revealed nothing. I’ll have to get the low down from friends in Laroque.


  4. What a beautiful photo and an incredible story, I’m so happy to know she has the all clear, really she’s been through enough, what a great thing to do, a tough one for sure, but she’s already proven she’s capable of surmounting even greater hurdles than a run around London.

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  5. You say you’re not sporty, but I suspect your amazingly gutsy daughter has inherited her fighting spirit from your ‘get up and go’ approach to life. I cite your recent solo, Spanish immersion endeavour for starters. Bravo to you and your daughter.

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  6. Wow and wow again…. I haven’t followed any blogs in the short week I was having a holiday and must have missed quite a few events (such as the UK mothering sunday, the International Women’s Day – although at least I could then send a few messages) and many great blog posts. In any case, I KNOW how absolutely incredibly strong your daughter is and I am so über-happy for her to be so much better now, and happy again. Also, to have children and being strong for them too when you’re in the deep end, is so life-affirming and beautiful. She and you too will always accompany me through my life as examples of strength, courage and willpower. I have not a sporty bone in me, but I have great faith, compassion, and much time to think of those who need my thoughts, encouragement, optimism.


    1. Oh Kiki, you are allowed to go on holiday and break routines you know! I do hope you had a good time. Ellie certainly has strength courage and willpower in spades. And the sporty genes which got missed out when I was younger 😉 Thanks for all your encouragement and support.


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