Music for Monks?

A concert in the cellarium of Fountains Abbey last Saturday.

Pitch black, cold.

The singers gather,

muffled up.

Sing loudly, like long-gone monks -

conquering the dark.

And to lower the tone, that’s the scene once the audience had departed.

For Bren’s Mid-Week Monochrome.

Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

40 thoughts on “Music for Monks?”

  1. What beautiful arches… we went to Fountains Abbey back in 2018 and it is such a beautiful place. A place that you can visit time and time again. Thank you for sharing. xx

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  2. That’s such a fantastic venue for a concert. Was it plain chant and other early music pieces? I think monochrome, that often intensifies the light, has captured the atmosphere for such a special, if chilly, experience.

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  3. Fountains has an event during October weekends called Floodlight at Fountains, and there is always a concert during the evening, by a local choir. We have sung there on occasion. The acoustics are fabulous. Each choir chooses its own repertoire, and this particular choir chose largely sacred music.

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  4. Such elegant arches. I hope you went prepared. I remember a very chilly (May) concert in Wells Cathedral, casting envious sidelong glances at the person next to me who’d brought a blanket!

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    1. I was. Choirs I have been in through the years have had some of the works they sang in their repertoire, and I got a bit teary when one of my French choir’s standards came up 😦


  5. I enjoyed your photos and poem – those arches are mesmerizing and the sound must have been fantastic and worth coping with the cold. The chair shadows are great too. I am catching up as you may have guessed. I am sticking more to posting ‘likes’ than lots of comments so won’t burden you with feeling you need to reply!

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      1. Thanks Margaret – and I have missed a lot through being so absent! All is well here just some biggish changes on the go here that are taking up our time and energies. Perhaps I should drop you an email to better explain.


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