Chili is the new carrot

If you’ve got snow, and a toddler in tow, you’ve got to have a snowman. If the day is cold, and the snow hard and crisp, best make it a small one.

Tom made William a mini-snowman on Sunday. How to finish him off though? Beech mast for eyes, sticks for arms, with the almost-final touch of William’s spurned mittens – so far so good.

But our dwarf snowman was far too diminutive to have a stonking great carrot for a nose. We used a chili instead.

Which lasted exactly two minutes. Poppy, the dog next door, came to remove it. Dog lovers everywhere will be relieved to read that she decided not to eat it.

Later that day, the rain came and washed everything away. By then, William and his mum and dad were back in London. Our snowman hadn’t lasted long enough to set a trend.

Author: margaret21

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20 thoughts on “Chili is the new carrot”

  1. Ooooooh…. so lovely so cute so tender…..
    Did you (surely you did!!!) hear my sharp intake of air and the mounting horror of tasting that chilli in Poppy’s muzzle????? And the loud ‘décompression’ of said intake of air when reading that all went well?!
    I think I would steal Poppy, then quickly move away and live happily ever after in a quiet place 🙂


    1. Poppy is a lovely dog – and you’re talking to someone who doesn’t really ‘do’ dogs – so I was definitely glad she didn’t give the chili – a bird’s eye – a good old crunch.


  2. How great that you got enough snow for this! Children *need* snowmen! I like the creative chili pepper solution and I like that the dog was smart enough not to gobble it down!

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