Snapshot Saturday: Sitges – perfect holiday resort, plastic litter depot, or public housing for parakeets

Last month, as faithful readers know, we had a day in Sitges.  It was perfect.  The sun shone, the sea sparkled, and we sauntered along its clean wide sandy beaches.

All was not as it seemed though.  In just five minutes, from the apparently uncontaminated sands, we recovered these:  mainly plastic straws and bottle tops, many disintegrating into the shards and  fragments now wreaking such havoc in our oceans.  And this is a ‘clean’ beach.  

On a happier note, here’s a parakeet in a palm tree.  The high prices of housing in this fashionable holiday destination don’t worry him.  He has all he needs to build a home simply by fossicking around among the palm trees’ tall fronds.

In response (sort of) to this week’s WordPress challenge, Variations on a theme.

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16 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday: Sitges – perfect holiday resort, plastic litter depot, or public housing for parakeets”

  1. It does break ones heart to see the trash in our oceans and forests. I too am glad we are waking up to the waste and how it is destroying our beautiful planet. We still have far to go that is for sure.

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      1. thank you margaret – I am not writing as much as I would like. Job description changed a bit so trying to get my bearings. God will lead me out of the chaos and I hope to get back writing. I enjoy your posts and the pictures of such a beautiful country. Think often of your daughter and pray she is doing well.

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  2. Plastic was greeted as such a wonderful ‘magic’ material, I wonder what we are making today that future generations will be throwing their hands up in horror about. Would be nice to think we are learning lessons, but somehow I’m not so sure.

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  3. Strange that both your post and mine on this theme should including the horrors of plastic pollution – a scourge on land and sea. I gather that the parakeet is an introduced species in Spain?

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