Snapshot Sunday: Magic at Igidae

South Korea, WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

The view from the Igidae Trail to Busan and Haeundae

Life’s complicated just now.  I don’t need any more challenges.  But here I am, taking on one which is entirely self-imposed. It’ll help me reflect on the good moments in life, or at least on interesting times.

The challenge is one provoked weekly by WordPress, my blogging platform.  Once a week, they provide a word.  Just one. To respond, I and fellow bloggers choose one of our own photos to interpret the theme.  Just one.

This week’s challenge is ‘Magic’.  Other bloggers have published photos of sunsets; a cube magically suspended from a buildinga fairy-tale castle in Schwerinscacciaguai, or benign demons; a butterfly; pebbles; flowers; scenes from distant lands – all magic in their own way.

My own magic moment is from South Korea.

Imagine Busan, the city where Emily’s living just now.  Imagine busy streets, crowded markets, streaming traffic, a high-rise metropolis of three and a half million people.

But it’s a coastal city too, and one day we took the path at Igidae. Here were views across the bay to those high-rise towers at Haeundae, to Gwangan Suspension Bridge, and to a jagged, rocky coastline.

As we walked away from Haeundae, we replaced city bustle with solitude, with crashing foaming waves, salty spray crusting our hair and faces, rugged paths leading us first up craggy cliffs then down again. The busy city was never more than minutes away, but we were at the edge of a primitive, savage untamed world, unchanging since time began.  That was a kind of magic.

The sea crashes to the cliffs of the Igidae Trail

The sea crashes to the cliffs of the Igidae Trail

My challenge posts will appear on Sundays.  Hence ‘Snapshot Sunday.’

Feeling blue…..


I’m feeling ‘Off-Black’, as Farrow & Ball might style it.

'Off-Black'. From the Farrow & Ball shade card.

‘Off-Black’. From the Farrow & Ball shade card.

Or possibly rather ‘Down Pipe’: that’s grey-black to you.

'Down Pipe' from the Farrow & Ball shade card.

‘Down Pipe’ from the Farrow & Ball shade card.

My camera’s gone bust.  Just as I was coming to the most photogenic bits of a walk yesterday, and just as I was about to take a shot of some unusual fungi to show to a mushroom-geek friend, my camera declined to switch on.  Or off.  The toggle simply wobbled about a bit.  It’s going to have to be sent away for repair, and I shall be camera-less for…. oh I dunno, a couple of weeks I suppose.  I can’t even download the photos I’d already taken, and it’s all going to be somewhat expensive.  And how can I write a blog post without photos, hmm?

To add to my woes, we’re just getting to the final brush-strokes of decorating our bathroom, to which our landlords have recently offered a make-over.  I can’t show you our efforts here, which may be just as well, because our previous well-known lack of enthusiasm for painting and decorating has turned into sullen resignation.  Let’s just get it over and done with, ASAP.  I’ve even been heard to say I’d rather take in ironing to earn money so someone else could do it.  And if you know anything at all about my lack of enthusiasm for ironing, you’ll know that things are really serious.

So this is all I can show you of the bathroom.  The shade we are covering the walls in.  It’s called ‘Cat’s paw’.  Nothing to do with cats, apparently: ‘Cat’s Paw is not named after the animal but after a complicated knot. The perfect name for this colour as it is the darkest accent for the often knotted String and Cord’.  The theory is that this naturally cold room will feel warm and nurturing on those cold winter days which seem to be marching towards us already, even though it’s mid-August.  We like it, anyway, and perhaps by the end of today we’ll be able to pack up our paint brushes, fold up the dust sheets, and give the lot away to anyone who’s made enough  to be planning a painting project any time soon.

'Cat's Paw' from the Farrow & Ball shade card.

‘Cat’s Paw’ from the Farrow & Ball shade card.