Feeling blue…..

I’m feeling ‘Off-Black’, as Farrow & Ball might style it.

'Off-Black'. From the Farrow & Ball shade card.
‘Off-Black’. From the Farrow & Ball shade card.

Or possibly rather ‘Down Pipe’: that’s grey-black to you.

'Down Pipe' from the Farrow & Ball shade card.
‘Down Pipe’ from the Farrow & Ball shade card.

My camera’s gone bust.  Just as I was coming to the most photogenic bits of a walk yesterday, and just as I was about to take a shot of some unusual fungi to show to a mushroom-geek friend, my camera declined to switch on.  Or off.  The toggle simply wobbled about a bit.  It’s going to have to be sent away for repair, and I shall be camera-less for…. oh I dunno, a couple of weeks I suppose.  I can’t even download the photos I’d already taken, and it’s all going to be somewhat expensive.  And how can I write a blog post without photos, hmm?

To add to my woes, we’re just getting to the final brush-strokes of decorating our bathroom, to which our landlords have recently offered a make-over.  I can’t show you our efforts here, which may be just as well, because our previous well-known lack of enthusiasm for painting and decorating has turned into sullen resignation.  Let’s just get it over and done with, ASAP.  I’ve even been heard to say I’d rather take in ironing to earn money so someone else could do it.  And if you know anything at all about my lack of enthusiasm for ironing, you’ll know that things are really serious.

So this is all I can show you of the bathroom.  The shade we are covering the walls in.  It’s called ‘Cat’s paw’.  Nothing to do with cats, apparently: ‘Cat’s Paw is not named after the animal but after a complicated knot. The perfect name for this colour as it is the darkest accent for the often knotted String and Cord’.  The theory is that this naturally cold room will feel warm and nurturing on those cold winter days which seem to be marching towards us already, even though it’s mid-August.  We like it, anyway, and perhaps by the end of today we’ll be able to pack up our paint brushes, fold up the dust sheets, and give the lot away to anyone who’s made enough  to be planning a painting project any time soon.

'Cat's Paw' from the Farrow & Ball shade card.
‘Cat’s Paw’ from the Farrow & Ball shade card.

26 thoughts on “Feeling blue…..”

  1. Pete hyperventilates when Ii mention Farrow and Ball!
    My favourite paint shade name in their range is Elephant’s Breath!


  2. I understand about off black. Jeremy once told me that a black piste was dark blue and because we were in Italy where we don’t ski very often I believed him!! I also survived and even enjoyed it.


      1. Blacks are the steepest and scariest out of the 4 types of piste, blues are the second easiest and usually quite gentle. Dark blues are a figment of Jeremy’s imagination!


  3. That’s too bad about your camera, we had one go bad several years ago – the repair was more expensive than a new (and better) camera so we opted for a new camera. As for paint, B recently painted the powder room at the cottage a blue using chalk paint – she has desires on redoing the house here, too. I looked up Farrow and Ball and discovered there is a distributor 10.8 miles from where I sit. Should I share with B? Looking forward to seeing your re-do when your camera returns. Have a wonderful week.


    1. Well, we’ll have to see what the estimate is *sigh*. As to F&B – yes, its nice paint, with a soft chalky finish, and very good quality: we used far less than we thought as coverage is excellent. So do consider it if the cost isn’t astronomical. But meanwhile, you have your first week back at school to get through….. Enjoy!


  4. I have a little camera that you can borrow Margaret. I never use it since I got a new one, and no one else seems to want it, they all use their phone cameras. Anyway, I’ll send it along with John to the meeting tomorrow night and you can see if it’s any use !!


    1. That’s so kind, Joyce. I really appreciate it. But I do have my previous one somewhere, so as long as I can dig it out, I should be OK. It would be good to catch up soon- not this week, as we’ll have the twins in tow. Tell John to bring his diary!


  5. I do sympathise, I’d have a conniption if my camera conked out. Hope you’re back up and running soon. PS, send any old dust sheets to us – we still have masses on painting to do!


  6. tee hee what a nice post, and ingenious with it! I agree that having repairs made to a camera can lead to more ruin than buying a new one, but buying a new one calls for a lot of decision-making, so good luck. Most of them come without viewfinders nowadays, and looking directly at the screen for the picture is hopeless in bright sunshine. Meanwhile, consider the smartphone – it toils not neither does it spin, but a modern one gives darned good results, so worth having as a backup?


    1. That’s a thought. Thank you, I will consider a smart phone, as I haven’t yet entered this particular realm of 21st century life. I’m still a call-and-text kind of girl, and am aware that so many other possibilities could open up with a smart phone. Scary though…….


  7. Oh, I love the way you’ve conquered the ‘no camera’ problem. Who doesn’t like a few F&B colours to brighten their day or post. One extra thing I’d say about the paint, didn’t you find, is that it hardly smells at all. Apparently, it is possible to emulsion a bedroom and sleep in it that evening if you have to! And, that finish – flat and chalky what more could you ask for? Hope you get your camera returned to you soon.


  8. Very creative work-around for a person without a camera! Mine is messed up, too–the auto-focus doesn’t auto-focus anymore so most of my recent pix are blurry. I hope you trade off-black and down-pipe for feeling in the pink soon!


    1. You won’t, Sharon. I’ve tried. It’s a long narrow room, as you might remember, and I can’t get a decent photo. But the paint does work very well. Hope all’s well chez Nelson House!


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