Postcards from Sant Andreu

Daughter Emily has lived in and around Barcelona for ten years now, so we feel well-versed in its tourist destinations. It’s fun for a change to get to know different neighbourhoods.

Today, we explored Sant Andreu, which was until the later 19th century an entirely separate town, a textile town, the home of Fabra i Coats (surely you or your mum had a sewing box full of brightly coloured Coats threads, though they won’t have come via Spain?). This factory complex is now an arts centre, not very busy this rainy day. And at Christmas time, it’s transformed into a toy factory for the Three Kings to collect the gifts they’ll deliver to the children of Barcelona at Epiphanytide. It’s a popular family destination at that time of year.

Our explorations began and ended with churches. First the church of Saint Andreu de Palomar of course, which gives the area its name …

This 19th century church has its beginnings in the 10th century. We’d like to have explored it more.

… and then Sant Pacià, which we were keen to see, as its mosaic floor was created by Gaudí in his early days. Irritatingly, both buildings were shut.

Sant Pacià. Firmly shut. Another Gothic Revival church.

Never mind. Mooch about with us and enjoy the cobbled streets of the old town, its Modernista buildings and independent shops: orange tree lined and bougainvillea bedecked. The area has a great feeling of community. We’d cheerfully live here.

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20 thoughts on “Postcards from Sant Andreu”

  1. I really enjoyed these street-level views and nice not to be on well-trod tourist paths. I really had the feel of wandering along with you.


  2. I love the Modernista buildings, and I would love this old town too. Sitting outside in an orange and bougainvillea lined street, eating lunch and supping wine in the sunshine. Bliss. Anywhere away from this country!

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    1. No sunshine yesterday, but lunch today in a shady square with wine and good company and back to nicely hot temperatures. Don’t want to come home!


  3. Oh yes, I remember Coats. Was going through my mum’s ditty box the other weekend in the process of clearing my father’s flat and saw a few old Coats reels. No idea why he’d kept them he couldn’t even sew on a button.

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