Postcards from Badalona

We love our time with the family in Premià de Mar. Their home here is only some twelve miles from Barcelona, and well connected by rail and road. But it’s a world away. Strictly no tourists. Just everyday people living everyday lives.

Sometimes we venture into neighbouring towns for more of the same. Today it was Badalona and its charming Old Town – Dalt de la Vila. But no town in Catalonia can hold its head up high if it’s not protesting about something. Today we witnessed …

… painted protests against the projected destruction of some of this quarter’s oldest buildings …

… a small protest by and for pensioners (are you sitting comfortably?) …

… a poster near the beach: your struggle has secured freedom for others. We must continue the fight.

… and the inevitable posters proclaiming the need for Catalan independence.

Let’s finish with a few shots demonstrating some of the charms of Dalt de la Vila.

The featured photo, by the way, is of Badalona’s town flag.

Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

28 thoughts on “Postcards from Badalona”

  1. How heartening to see these protests excellently shared to all in the blogging world. Absolutely cannot fathom the lack of angry protests here in UK with all that is happening at the moment. What’s with the ‘we can’t impose windfall taxes’ blah, blah, blah. 😡 And as I type yet more photos of Johnson at other parties in Downing Street have hit the news. Hope all is calm and relaxed in Premià de Mar and you’re able to ignore the news.

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    1. Well, up to a point. I opened the Guardian blog on Partygate this evening to find my son’s Twitter observations splashed across the page. Will we ever be rid of this BJ fellow?

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  2. A fabulous place to see thanks Margaret. AS a tourist I dislike tourists being where I am. To find off the beaten track places is heaven to me even in big cities

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  3. Looks like an interesting place and all the more so for being authentically ‘local’. There seems to be a strong fighting spirit among the Catalans 🙂

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