54 thoughts on “Brimham Rocks: Our Rather Odd Local Boulders

  1. Ah these are fantastic and most definitely ‘dramatic odd’. I remember loving your top photo when you posted it a few years ago. It is so intensely and wildly dark and has stuck in my memory. You do live in a stunning part of the world and what’s more you seem to make the most of it. Yorkshire Tourist Board/Visit Yorkshire or whatever they are called these days should have you on their books!

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    1. This fantastic place is virtually our back yard, so we can go during down-time when it’s not crowded with holiday makers. We need to get back to venturing further into the wilds of Yorkshire. Petrol, Covid, all kinds of excuses …

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  2. I believe that rocks have a special kind of energy. I have just placed Brigham Rocks on my list of things to do when I finally am able to travel to your side of the world. Thank you for the introduction. You β€œodd” posts are amazingly odd and fabulous.


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