Le Jardin Extraordinaire Revisited

When we lived in France, a must-visit in our diary every September was a flight-of-fancy wild garden, worked on for months by artists, gardeners and imaginative people of all kinds, but open only for a few days each year. Let’s revisit it today, for Fandango’s Flashback Friday.


September 2010

2009 was a first for us at Le Jardin Extraordinaire. This weekend, we were back, and we’ll be back next year too, and every year.

The members of Artchoum enjoy growing flowers, vegetables, plants of every kind. They relish creating beauty, fun, intrigue, from anything – a discarded table becomes a woodland creature, an ancient trainer a Grumpy Old Man, a few stones in the river a symbolic gathering.  Professional artists work alongside interested members of the public for months and weeks beforehand just for this one weekend in September.

And we all turn up, in our hundreds, to explore this very special walk through woods, or along the shaded river bank, in this normally secluded spot.  Families, couples, groups of friends all come to share the atmosphere –  friendly, fun, joyful, peaceful, reflective.  Have a look at the photos, and enjoy the walk too.

For further visits to Le Jardin Extraordinaire, look here, and here.

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38 thoughts on “Le Jardin Extraordinaire Revisited”

    1. I’ve obviously given the wrong impression. Twee it isn’t. Quirky, original, delightful,even thought provoking, but never twee. The creators are an unusual bunch of individuals, living a simple lifestyle that was questioning what we are all doing to our planet long before it became a ‘thing’. If you were there, that would become evident in a way my post can’t really show.

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  1. Your quirky garden beats mine! How amusing that we both went with unusual gardens this week. I can see why you would want to return to this one. And I have to say how young you look in that hammock! I thought it must be your daughter until I read Jo’s comment.

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      1. I don’t believe you! I bet you are still looking great, especially with all the walking you do. If I didn’t know your age (approximately from other posts) then I’d be thinking you were in your mid fifties now.

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  2. aaah, this is a wonderful place to be – as you in that hammock proved ….. I would absolutely LOVE to visit an exhibition like that. So much talent, fun, craziness, imagination and hard work. When I had my own sunflowers I also created ‘pictures’ with the empty heads. Or I used to place them together with a bunch of flowers or a flower arrangement. Thanks for this re-upload.

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