Le Jardin Extraordinaire, 2013 version


Le Jardin Extraordinaire is always comfortingly familiar, yet always surprising.  If you’ve been once, you’ll go again, on this one weekend of the year, to enjoy strolling round this very special wild, yet bewitchingly tamed garden.  The members and volunteers of Artchoum have been working for months to create this space, just for your pleasure.  You’ll want to explore the riverside walk and exclaim at the enchanted place they’ve created with stones, trees and flower petals.  You’ll go on to wander through the leafy tunnels and arches tumbling with gourds.  Then you’ll amble off into the woods, where more fantastical experiences await you.  People come from miles around to explore, smile and wonder at this very special place.  But although you won’t be alone, there’s a relaxing feeling of space and of peace too.  You’ll go away refreshed, invigorated and joyful.

To see the pictures as a slideshow, click on the first photo to enlarge it and start the show

4 thoughts on “Le Jardin Extraordinaire, 2013 version”

  1. yes, very true – un jardin extraordinaire, j’y ai participé avec une œuvre dans un arbre en 2005 et j’y suis retournée en visite – belle expérience, AnnAxxx


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