Toes and trainers, boots and shoes

For this week’s Lens-Artists’ Challenge, Ann-Christine’s invited us to consider feet and shoes. Neither my knobbly feet, nor my not-quite-smartly-polished shoes are things I care to show off. But children? That’s a different matter.

Anaïs discovered her feet not so long ago.

And Zoë some time ago knew that boots were a must-have item of clothing.

Though there again, mummy’s shoes are better …

And what trip to the beach would be complete without burying someone in the sand?

When my daughter taught for a year in South Korea, the first thing she and every single pupil did each day was remove outdoor shoes and place them in a rack, in favour of indoor flip-flops.

Let’s finish with two photos featuring adults. Watching the annual Cavalcada de Reis – Procession of the Magi – in Barcelona one year, one spectator discovered a use for his motor cycle helmet to give him extra inches.

And here’s a group of young women watching the annual Tour de Yorkshire go by.

The featured photo is a memory of a day out in Whitstable, when I went with my son and William to explore the beach.

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I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

42 thoughts on “Toes and trainers, boots and shoes”

  1. Gosh what a precious post – a collection of absolutely wonderful memories that I’m sure we can all relate to so closely! Beautiful – thank you for sharing the story behind the images. Magical memories of toes, trainers, shoes seem to be fundamental stepping stones in our lives! 🙂

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  2. Children’s shoes – and their feet – appeal to all of us; what a lovely collection, Margaret. You have two highly photogenic grandaughters – the photo of Anaïs is a delight! There again, Zoë in her mum’s shoes is equally joyous 😊

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  3. So many places to look that I rarely look down. My feet are no prize either, they are functional getting me where I need to go, but nothing to look at. I love your photos and thoughts about feet and shoes and what they can do. It’s so easy to overlook how important and essential they are, but they are but one part of many that makes us who we are. Have a fabulous day. Peace.

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  4. These are all great! I remember one year I was running a road race (not fast, but running) and before it started I was taking pictures of all the feet waiting. The shoes were so colorful that year. I still like that image.

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  5. You don’t have to be biased, Margaret – they are absolutely adorable little ones. Both grandchildren, feet and toes and your marvelous photos of them!

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