A bonus from Santander …

Somehow, when showing you some windows there, I forgot about this happy chappie who guarded the street where our hotel in Santander was located. I’ll show him to you now, as he fits in nicely with Monday Mural.

There was never a single moment when our friend didn’t have a car parked in front of him, so you’ll have to imagine the last foot or so.

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28 thoughts on “A bonus from Santander …”

  1. Fabulous! Creativity and imagination. Our puppy Fern, and to a lesser extent our older dog Ivy, is obsessed with bunnies which abound in our yard – at least along the edges and out of her reach. They keep her busy. Thank you for the photo to jump start my day! Peace.

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  2. What a cutie, love that he’s holding a camera.
    It’s so annoying when cars park in front of murals, lol.
    Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Margaret. And by the way, the Malaga I talked about is in Perth, not in Spain 🙂
    Bordalo II has a couple of bunny murals in Portugal, but different from this one – https://inhabitat.com/street-artist-bordalo-ii-turns-lisbon-trash-into-wild-animal-sculptures/bordalo-ii-trash-animal-sculptures-1-copy-2/

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    1. Haha! Silly me! Thanks for that great link. I need to get back and explore all the links attached to your post today. Big coffee break required!


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