Butterflies: Half an Hour of my Life Revisited

It’s time for Fandango’s Flashback Friday. I’m taking you to France, to a gloriously sunny day – 20th August 2013. Happy Memories.

Butterflies: Half an Hour of my Life

August 20th 2013

There we were at Roquefixade, showing our favourite walking destination off to two of our Harrogate friends, when a butterfly discovered me.  Then another.  These two creatures played round my wrist for more than half an hour before finally dancing off into the sunshine.  They made our day.

I’m thinking they’re the Common Blue (Polyommatus icarus).  Any dissenters?

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24 thoughts on “Butterflies: Half an Hour of my Life Revisited”

  1. ah the other kind of ‘mud puddling’ and one I prefer! A beautiful throwback for us all, and weren’t you clever with the camera back then


  2. WOW. That is amazing. What an experience and great photos. I have discovered that whenever I reach for the camera or the camera phone the birds and butterflies take off and the moment is lost, except in my mind’s eye. Beautiful.

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  3. This really is ‘charm overload’ – how absolutely wonder-full! And probably getting rarer and rarer with so many animal diseases everywhere.

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