Multi-tasking windows

Was it a month ago that we left Spain? Apparently so. Let’s relive our last day, mooching round Santander before catching the ferry for the long journey home. We could catch lots of images of the city in a single photo, in this building just alongside La Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción.

But nearby, there’s window-shopping …

…and then a picture postcard view of the multi-windowed Plaza Porticada.

Later, on board ship, there were windows on deck, designed to shelter us from the buffeting breezes. But something had gone wrong with one, and early in the voyage, it was being repaired.

But whether on land or at sea, we could spot the coastline near Santander, as shown in the featured photo.

Monday Window

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20 thoughts on “Multi-tasking windows”

  1. Beautiful photos! Windows have multiple uses – transparency and reflection, but protection, too. I always enjoy your fresh perspective on things. It’s back to school this morning and well into early June. Stay well and safe, Peace.

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  2. That is an interesting window-wall building. It nicely reflects on its surroundings, but does it reflect well on the architect and the local building codes? It seems a bit out of place. The vinoteco has a nice window, and I know you did more than window-shop. How did it go when you tried to walk through “nothing to declare”?
    Thank you for these neat windows and the stories behind them.

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    1. It’s not great architecture, that’s for sure. The church, luckily, is not one of the great architectural wonders so it could have been worse. We were allowed 24 bottles of wine each coming back into the UK, so we were able to be quite legit.

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