A Red Letter Day?

This month, Jude is inviting us to hunt for red in her Life in Colour challenge. So let’s go on a Virtual Day Trip and hunt for red. I think we’ll travel in the bus that was conveniently parked in the next village when the Tour de France came to Yorkshire. West Tanfield is also where we see the poppies in the featured photo.

We’ll whip over to Bradford first, call in at the Bombay Stores, and get some headgear for you chaps.

Still in Yorkshire, we’ll pop in to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to see Damian Hirst’s Virgin Mother.

Berlin next. We’ve only time to wander down a handsome street …

… before arriving for a quick visit to the Berlin Wall.

Right. That’s Germany done. Straight off to Spain. Are you peckish yet? Seeing all these peppers, tomatoes and pots of Moorish-style tea has made me think of food.

Where next? We could catch a wedding in Seville …

… and please don’t tell me we’ve come to Córdoba just to see this garage door.

We’ll forget that by visiting La Concepción Historical Botanical Gardens, Málaga.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve nearly had enough for one day. Time for a glass of wine, I think …

Then there’s just time to write a few postcards, and post them in that perky pillar box I know in Buxton.

I’ve realised that Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge is also about the colour red. Let’s make this post multi-task!

Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

73 thoughts on “A Red Letter Day?”

  1. Fabulous collection, Margaret! And so many connections there. I shall almost certainly be on a red bus to Harrogate next Tuesday and at the YSP possibly this Sunday. Love the hats! That very shade of hibiscus abounds here, and I have a friend, met over here, who’s heading from Hawes to Buxton by campervan today. I shall consider this entry as mine, for I couldn’t do better. Covid tests negativo and heaps of clothes in the back bedroom, ready for packing. Happy days!

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    1. Red is the only colour for a bus in my opinion. Enjoy Harrogate – if only time were longer we could perhaps have met. Another time …. and hooray for negativo! Have a fabulous time.


      1. Heading for Harlow Carr with a couple of friends from the north east. Welcome to join us for a coffee if you could squeeze time, or possibly in Knaresborough on Thursday, but that’s a little more complicated. Thanks, darlin!

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      1. It looks nice. I haven’t been back to Wakey in decades, it’s certainly changed a lot around this part – I was born not more than a few hundred yards from the Hepworth!


      2. I used to live in Wakefield, before the Hepworth materialised. In fact I’ve only visited once, but I really should get over to see the Barbara Hepworth Garden. Trouble is, it’s well over 100 miles as a round trip.


      3. Mmm… yes. I had a lot of trouble with bullying by some girls from that school. They used to wait for me and a friend to get off the school bus (we were Grammar school girls). Before your time.

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  2. I’d love to have done Jo, but in fact both days are already spoken for. And your time with old friends is precious. They don’t want to be doing with their time with you diluted – but thanks. Have a fabulous time.


  3. Thanks for taking us on your virtual trip, dear Margaret,
    we did something about red 7 years ago
    when our dear Master did a radio-programme about colours and published some books and many articles about colour.
    We have to admit we are belonging to a group of bloggers who usually don’t react to post of challenges, but here we had to made an exception. We think such a virtual trip of presenting red is really a great idea.
    All the best and thanks for sharing
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


    1. Truly, I’m honoured to have a comment from you, because I know you don’t usually have time. But thanks so much too for linking back to your own red post. I’ve had a quick look, but I’m going to savour it later. All good wishes!

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  4. I adored the virtual trip, although I’d question whether those garage doors are red or orange and I’m a bit miffed at being offered the dregs of the wine, but all in all a marvellous collection of reds and beautifully constructed, even ending with a quirky post box. I tried to see what era it was from, but couldn’t enlarge it. (I did a few posts on mail boxes – still got to find a Victorian one). Thanks Margaret xx 😄

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    1. In real life, the garage doors were red, but I completely take your point. Don’t worry about missing out on Virtual Wine. If we ever get to meet, I’ll be sure to offer you some of the real stuff. We have at least one Victorian mail box near here. If I remember to photograph it, do you want me to send it? x


  5. Love the photos. Especially the poppies in the feature photo. I have always loved the color red, it was my favorite color as a child. It still is, but I prefer to dress myself in blues. Have a wonderful day.

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  6. Red is such a nice colour! And you have some wonderful photos. In London I always enjoy a bit of read in between all the grey, especially the old double decker buses and the old phone boxes, which are only there for tourists to take photos.

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  7. A wonderful selection of reds but you’ll perhaps be wishing you’d kept some of the clothing ones back for today! That red building is really something and the poppies, too.

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  8. Maybe so, Tina, but you’ll have to wait till Wednesday to see what shoes and feet I decided to use for Ann-Christine’s challenge. It’s good to be back!


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