How Many Kinds of Apple Are There?

Here are just a few among dozens of apple varieties displayed at last year’s Apple Day at Ripon’s Walled Garden. It’s where adults and young people with learning disabilities are supported into employment through the skills they learn in this wonderful garden environment.

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53 thoughts on “How Many Kinds of Apple Are There?”

  1. Such a pity that many varieties disappear in the long term because the big growers concentrate on just a few. I read somewhere that the new varieties promote apple allergies and also related allergies. You photographed a great selection – I particularly like to taste the “King of Pippins”.

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    1. It’s a great variety, as most of the Pippin ones are – quite honeyed, but with a nice sharp tang. So many of the varieties I loved as a child are only available in heritage orchards like this one.

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  2. Howgate Wonders! When we were in Norfolk the orchard behind us were mixed Bramley and Howgate trees. Beautiful apples

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  3. I’m not a big fan of apples but they do look lovely at this time of year. Your photo of Howgate Wonders does not do them justice. They used to grow in the orchard we lived in and one (scrumped) was too big for a pie to feed the 5 of us.


  4. Great photos and creative grid. Nature has a way with colors and tastes. Hope you selected a few for your home and are able to enjoy them as a snack or desert. My favorite way is fresh served with crunchy peanut butter. Have a wonderful week. Peace.

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  5. don’t know any of them. Have you read the story of the PIPPINS? Please say YES, because if not I have to engage my grey matter to recall the book I read…. another fascinating apple story!

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  6. ‘Chelmsford Wonder’ – that’s got me smiling. My sister went to school in Chelmsford and I worked there for a year and our general opinion was that it was distinctly lacking in wonder. Mmm, I think all the other apple varieties look more attractive too! Maybe the wonder is in the taste.

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