It rained yesterday, and the day before. All day. Self-indulgence was in order. An afternoon of cosiness and cooking. I took myself off to the kitchen. I made rich flavoursome stock from the weekend’s chicken carcass. I got ahead and made a meal for later. And then I indulged us both by making a cake – one I’d spotted and book-marked in last weekend’s Guardian.

Although not especially pretty, it really is rather good. Unless you’re working hard on keeping your waistline in trim, in which case it’s not. But it has a high Feel-Good Factor, which is a prerequisite of being kind to oneself.

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53 thoughts on “Be-Kind-to-Myself-Day”

  1. Made me laugh out loud. Is this my birthday cake???? It looks more like a work of your lovely grandies but I totally agree with you. It’s kinda supercute and more importantly, I’m sure, it was kinda What One Needs in These Times!!!

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  2. Groan… we try not to eat sweet things these days (except chocolate in very small doses) but it’s definitely the weather for cake!


  3. Oh that looks good. I’m trying to eat less cake. One of my friends is a baker. She was shielding at the start of lockdown and couldn’t run her business, so ran a mini bake off on Instagram where she shared recipes for us to attempt. We were eating cake daily for about 2 months. It’s a hard habit to kick, I’ve discovered!


  4. Now that looks like a great result from an interesting recipe. I have more than once been left with a jar of tahini by my daughter and run out of uses. Thank you for the link and for the photo of what we are aiming for!!


  5. I know what you mean about the comfort of being kind to oneself in these times, and we also use homemade sweetish treats as part of the cheering-oneself-up package – usually in the form of whole wheat and fruity muffins. These treats were becoming so regular in recent weeks that they were ceasing to feel like treats, so now we are taking a little break until next time! The cake you made looks delicious.

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