39 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Holidaymakers …”

  1. I love that first one! I was totally smitten by Bridlington’s beach; this one looks even better. One day, I’ll get to visit my son in Brid again and he has promised to take me to Filey. Out of season I think…

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  2. All my memories of the north sea coast are that it is usually cold! Never been to Filey. Scarborough and Bridlington were the haunts of my early childhood and even in my teens. Whitby is nicer IMO.

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      1. Isn’t every decent seaside town? My last visit was in the month of November and it was pretty quiet then! (Blowing a hooley though and snowing on the moors)

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  3. That’s interesting you’d think that the golden hour look would be top choice, but the tones of the main picture steal it. It seems we appreciate pale blue skies with twinkle.


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