Farewell, Mainland Europe

This isn’t a great photo. But it’s cleverer than you think. Here is the all-but-full moon, framed by the empty circle at the top of this artificial Christmas tree (universal, apparently, in civic displays throughout Spain) in the centre of Málaga.

We’re here for our last night. Tomorrow, we return to England for the last time as EU citizens. It doesn’t bear thinking about.

But the moon is shining brightly for January Light

Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

33 thoughts on “Farewell, Mainland Europe”

  1. Well Margaret, for me it’s quite great and clever enough! Thank you. Have a safe trip home. It’s a long way. May you still feel at home when you’re at home….

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    1. Thanks. I wish it had been a better photo, but it was fun nudging the moon into position! And I’ve decided to be unrelentingly positive, because the alternative is awful. You may call me Tigger.


      1. My pro bono work is going through a low, and today been particularly tough. However #JanuaryLight is keeping me smiling, and I’ve got some fabulous friends rallying around….so in a day or so should be full of smiles again 😃 thank you for checking xxx

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  2. Poignant and significant. The light you’ve captured can signify many things – hope and inclusion amongst them. We are all still citizens of the world, and indeed of Europe 🙂

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  3. It looks as if sustainable versions of artificial Christmas trees will sooner or later become the norm over here. The much hailed Brexit future will not escape the climate emergency even if many Brexiteers ardently believe differently.

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  4. Interesting shot of the moon making like a star! A happy deception 🙂 On the subject of being positive, a friend and I discussed recently the benefits of a “fake it until you can make it” guide to feeling better. Should I put a happy or a sad smiley here?

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  5. Hope you’ll still do lots of travelling to Europe despite the boundaries being put in place – last time I looked Britain was still part of Europe geographically unless they are planning to form a new continent! Boundaries and borders seem to have caused endless trouble throughout history. It must be very hard living through it all but as you say “”Citizens of the World Unite”! Our London based daughter is off to Berlin on the 31st Jan for work reasons which I find quite poetic!

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