Black Monday? Or Grey Monday? Or Out-and-About Monday?

It is a grey Monday outside. And Jude has invited us to celebrate grey and black in this month’s Life in Colour challenge. Let’s go on one of our mini-breaks and see what we can find. We’ll start in London:

We’re walking down the South Bank here. That’s the Oxo Tower in the distance.

Oh, but maybe London’s too obvious as a starting place. Let’s start from Gateshead instead, and join a group gazing out of the window from the Baltic Centre.

We’re off to Spain now. We’ll stop off in Seville. You may need a comfort break by now, so we’ll stop off at the public toilets in Plaza de España, and enjoy the reflections we can see in its glass walls.

Plaza de España, Seville

Shadows from street lights as evening falls, but we get away in time to see the Alhambra in Granada illuminated at night – it’s the featured photo.

Shadows in Seville

We’ll pop across the next day to see my daughter in Premià de Mar. It’s silhouettes and sunny shadows there.

This is only a mini-break. We’ll go home via Whitby and just have a stroll to the end of the pier. There are always cormorants there. And seagulls on the rooftops.

Time for home now. Goodnight!

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53 thoughts on “Black Monday? Or Grey Monday? Or Out-and-About Monday?”

  1. Oh yes, black/grey very much the mood for November. I spotted one of my all-time favourite photos of yours, ‘The Whitby Cormorant’. Fabulous.


  2. A lovely mini tour – love the cormorant! And without a truly black sky we wouldn’t appreciate the beauty of the moon, or that wonderful lit-up Alhambra.. But why is the Plaza de España grey?

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    1. That’s a good question. The glass was a dull greyish sort of colour, and I can only assume it didn’t pick up the colourful environment it was placed in. I like the cormorant too. He’s had more than one outing.

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  3. A lovely tour, thank you. I feel quite refreshed now, just the mini break I needed. I thought I’d let you know my favourite shot. But as each new location appeared, my appreciation deepened for all of them. So atmospheric. (The Cornish for November is Mis Du, which means dark month. December is Mis Kevardhu – very dark month. I wonder what colour Jude will set you for next month on that basis!)

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    1. Oh, it looks as if your knowledge of Kernewek grows apace, and is a lovely and poetic language. Do you ever have a chance to use it ‘for real’? Perhaps Jude will go jolly for December!

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      1. My knowledge of Kernewek is stymied these days so it’s always exciting when I realise I’ve remembered a word or two. Not found anywhere to use it for real yet but eventually I hope we’ll get back to the conversation groups etc. That’s sort of real. Delighted to hear Jude confirm December will be a glorious celebration of colour. Can’t get much darker than black!


    1. hee hee glad I am not the only one who thought this mini break was long!! Rather fabulous though so I think I can cope 🙂

      PS there were no queues on our journey to Portugal. Only 20 people on our flight.

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      1. Good oh. Thinks are better then. We took an hour clearing customs in Santander, and in Portsmouth! As to the length of the mini-break. Value for money! Where’s your stamina? Hope you’re still having fun x

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      2. Yikes that is an age – I think it took us 5 minutes in passport control and never seen customs here!

        That is so true, amazing value for money and sustainable travel too 😀

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      3. We never saw customs until the B word intervened. We were even searched in a cursory way. Speaking Spanish helped us get on their side. Yes to sustainable travel!


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