A Parakeet Alights

Back home in chilly England, I’ve been going through my photos.  All 485 of them. I rather want to go back to the days when you had a Kodak Box Brownie, and one, maybe two films of twelve or sixteen shots to get you through the holiday: and when you had to wait more than a week for the chemist (the chemist!) to develop them. I’ve spent all day chucking photos out, re-living special moments , and wondering which snaps may get an airing on this blog.

But this shot asked for its moment in the limelight.  We were at a height, up at the top of the tower of Cádiz  Cathedral.  A parakeet was wheeling in the bright sky.  And it spotted Jesus.  Well, I think it’s Jesus. And it chose to alight.  I think he deserves a spot in January Light.

Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

23 thoughts on “A Parakeet Alights”

  1. Lovely photo. I like the puzzled look on both faces. But the photo puzzles me too. Apparently Spain in the process of culling large numbers of an invasive parakeet species: the monk parakeet. This is not one of them. Would you know which parakeet it is?

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  2. All round great shot. Striking composition with both texture and colour contrasts. How about this for a reading – ebullient, green life inspects cool, lifeless marble; verdict, nothing to see here.

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    1. Isn’t it warm(ish) where you are then? We’re not really having a proper winter, but the weather’s not good either. Mud everywhere. I feel sorry for dog walkers here!


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