32 thoughts on “Another hint of Spring

  1. Beautiful. Your spring is closer than ours. We had a dip below freezing last night and a touch of snow but I’ve seen shoots pushing their pips above ground and I am hopeful, too. Have a wonderful week. Peace.

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  2. Gorgeous carpets of colour! Such a contrast your spring and our autumn, and after a long cold winter up north, rain can be experienced as something miserable, whereas here in South Africa in our hot dryness rain is so valuable and something we long for. Drought retains its grip in some areas, but in others there has been rain that has started replenishing our dams, but sadly, at the cost of damaging floods in some areas. Something of a mix of balance and extremes …


    1. Yes. Extreme seems to be something we’re all experiencing, wherever we live. Too much rain, too little rain, too little cold, too much cold. Our own seasons are becoming much more samey, with milder winters and cooler summers, and rain throughout.

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