Winter Walking on the South Bank

We love a walk along the South Bank in London. It reminds us of happier times, when during the 2012 Olympic Games, London was for a time the capital of the world: inclusive, happy, welcoming, proud. The South Bank was full of festivity, fun, food, friendliness and foreigners – all welcome.

For a bleaker view of the legacy of that time, turn to Stuart Heritage in Boxing Day’s Guardian:‘ … a moment of optimism that destroyed the decade’.

But it’s still Christmas-tide. Let’s stay happy.

We’ll begin our ‘walk’ on the train into town. Now then. Baffled by the window, it’s hard to pick out which are the city-centre monoliths, and which their reflections.

Not far from London Bridge Station.

We arrive at London Bridge. Here’s street art under the bridge by Nathan Bowen.

Union Jack Dripping by London Bridge: Nathan Bowen.

Long-established buildings reflected on new facades.

Borough Market. Is it too early for lunch? Sadly, yes. Just looking, then.

Buying bread at Borough Market.

And all those buildings, new and old juxtaposed, on the opposite side of the Thames.

Ah! This is fun. This is Zoë’s moment. A Bubble Man, providing unalloyed joy to dozens of children. And to Zoë.

Time for a coffee-stop (no cake, Jo).  We dive into a narrow alley, which opens up to this: we’re not so far from Shakespeare’s Globe here.

But just as we’re getting a little tired of walking, the rain starts. The team divides. The younger members head off for a spot of retail therapy at South Bank’s Winter Market. The oldest and the youngest join forces and return to London Bridge on the river bus. For us, our winter walk of sights is at an end.

Not quite. Back at Hither Green, this is what awaited us just outside the station.

For Six Word Saturday, and Jo’s Monday Walk.


Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

13 thoughts on “Winter Walking on the South Bank”

    1. Yeah well. Let’s see. A good walk in the fresh air, with friends or family, or an afternoon hunched over the computer? Or does it depend where the cake is 🙂 ?


      1. I almost said not a morsel has passed my lips today… but then I remembered. Surely a pastel de nata doesn’t count? But it was a beautiful walk! 🙂


  1. glad you got the comments enabled – good to see you are out walking. Does that mean you are back to hiking? I hope so…. looks like a lovely time spent walking in the city and enjoying solid family time. Wishing you and your entire family a very happy new year!

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    1. Today is my very first day back doing a ‘proper hike’. I’m a bit nervous, but so looking forward to muddy boots again. Yes, walking with quite a large chunk of the family who are rarely able to be together in one place at one time is pretty special. Happy new year to you and your family too!


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