Squirreling a snack

We’re back in England now, back to temperatures of under six degrees when we’d got used to nearer twenty in Spain.  Back to rain and wind instead of sunny breeze.  Still, I can sit and sort my photos out.

The view up – looking towards the Alcazaba: the adjoining castle to Gibralfro.

Here are some from the day we slogged up the 240′ to Castillo Gibralfro in Málaga. Part way up, we came upon this enchanting scene.

I know the arguments about the potential dangers to both humans and wildlife from too-close contact.  But these two Spanish children are not likely to forget, or be unaffected by this chance encounter with this little squirrel: or to resent the fact that he charmed the greater part of their mid-morning snack from them.


And here’s the view coming down.

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27 thoughts on “Squirreling a snack”

  1. Oh, so such a sweet squirrel! I’m a sucker for feeding animals I shouldn’t–we spent a good deal of time in Florida feeding a huge turtle near our condo. He liked grapes . . .

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  2. aaaawh! so sweet…. BUT I do think it was a grey squirrel with a light ‘red colouring’ to be able to pretend to be one of the race to be protected, loved, and fed!!!! 😉

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    1. Well, of course red squirrels are much cuter than grey ones, but my grandson knows no other, and is happy to be entranced by them. As I think these young people would have been, probably.

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  3. This was meant as a tiny (pas très réussi, parait-il) joke. I was thinking of the Squirrel Hair Salon with a very gifted hairstylist! 😉
    Well, who doesn‘t like squirrels ! I did, until when in Devon, we had one so fat and HUGE and terrorizing that all my DIY art was wasted and he cracked open every trap, got the food of the birds AND destroyed the feeders on several occasions. I still have somewhere a photo (on film) of it sitting big and fat in the largest bird feeder, head pulled down (b ecause bird feeders are not custom made to a squirrel master‘s size!) and giving me the evil look, however not keen to leave the feast…. And it‘s only the grey ones that get so giant sized!

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