Goodbye Córdoba – hello Málaga

Córdoba, seen from the Torre del Calahorra, and looking across the Guadalquivir.

The thing is, we lost our hearts to Córdoba. It’s drenched in history from the Romans onwards. Even the bus station is an archaeological site. We stayed in a pleasantly ordinary part of town, only ten minutes from the old historic centre, but with not a tourist in sight. Our hostess, who’s lived in the city all her life, wanted us to love the place as much as she does. Apart from tourist tips, she told us how to get the best from her ‘patch’, explained where the locals ate, and generally wanted us to feel at home.

Here in Málaga we’ve ended up in a zone full of holiday apartments – yes, I know we’re part of the problem. It’s a part of town that’s achingly hip, self-consciously shabby-chic, and doesn’t seem to cater for every day shopping needs like bread and fruit. It reminds us that we are in fact tourists.

Still, let’s not complain. First world problems and all that. Here are a few shots to show that there will actually be plenty to discover and enjoy in our final few days.

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19 thoughts on “Goodbye Córdoba – hello Málaga”

  1. I love the frilly dresses on the balcony! Enjoy your last few days away! I am a tad jealous as I type this listening to the wind and driving rain against the window!


  2. I rapidly start to see the appeal of many of our English friends going on hols to Malaga!!!!! My goodness, even I who hardly ever is jealous of anybody or anything, feel the green mounting in my face (we say Green with Jealousy, in case you wonder)…..
    The hanging dance dresses on the balcony let my imagination go crazy! Either it’s a VERY large family of dancers, or a brothel, or a shop display, or….. ah, the mind boggles!
    And your remark about not catering for the ‘bare necessities’ is something we often remarked in many places, too. You can buy fancy stuff, leather bags for 1001 years, billions of shoes, but hardly a decent bread etc. Aren’t we spoilt endlessly?! 🙂

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  3. I just love the colourful, painted buildings you’ve photographed. It makes me feel more sunny just looking at them. Did they leave the frilly frocks display out in the shower?

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  4. We stayed in a place with patio in the middle, close to the Mesquita. The noise does reverberate around the courtyard on a night! But I loved this city 🙂 🙂

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