Ragtag Tuesday: Crepuscule in Corrèze

As we say goodbye to Corrèze for now, it seems fitting that the Ragtag word for today is ‘crepuscule.  It means twilight, and I always thought of it as an evening word.  But it can mean dawn as well.  So was this photo, taken from Sharon and Andrew’s house, and home to us for a week, taken in the morning or the evening?  What’s your guess?


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28 thoughts on “Ragtag Tuesday: Crepuscule in Corrèze”

  1. Dawn, for the same reason as Penny gave. I too thought both crepuscular and twilight referred to evening. Not being as familiar with the beginning of the day as you are, I can just about recollect from my few encounters with the dawn hours that there’s a half light then and that’s probably a twilight as well, ‘twi’ meaning two, sort of double, or half and half kind of light … Can you go back and take another picture from the same vantage point, of whatever time of day this wasn’t?

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    1. I’ll look among my photos Ros as we have moved on. Currently in Laroque, and staying with a couple whose 6 children, their partners and children are always dropping in. Blogging will take a back seat, you may be relieved to learn.


  2. Lovely – actually I guessed dawn before reading the comments. I was having a ‘Sherlock moment’ 😉 deducing dawn as if evening I would’ve thought there would be more lights on in the buildings. Of course, the windows might all have shutters though! Enjoy Laroque.


  3. in my possibly wrong opinion it means the morning twilight but of course, directions and geographical indications are books with sevel seals to me…. I’m the one sighing heavily when HH tells me to take the exit of any metro in Paris to the ‘East/North/whatever’…. as IF I had the SLIGHTEST CHANCE to know where E/
    N/S/W could be…. what am I – a GPS?
    So, I would wildly guess it’s in the morning but of course we often have evening twilights just like that one too…. In any case, great post and I leave you with just a yearning for visiting Corrèze and doggie-sitting in my heart! Bisous

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