A scrapbook from the Corrèze

I was going to write a final post from the town, the region where we have been so happy this week, just taking life s-l-o-w-l-y.  I’ve decided though to let a few pictures do the talking.  Landcapes, townscapes, doors…. whatever took my eye, in no particular order.  Best come and visit for yourselves, I think.


Click on any image to view full size.

20 thoughts on “A scrapbook from the Corrèze”

    1. Both, I think. They are making a great job of preparing the accommodation to a very high standard: it’s a huge undertaking, but it really will be worth it. You’d definitely love exploring the region.


    2. Margaret is right – we’re going to do both. We have an attached barn which will be finished first for self catering, then on to the house. And thank you Margaret for your kind words.


  1. What an utterly lovely collection of impressions you’ve got assembled for us. Thank You. I’m especially pleased because you seem to have the ‘same’ eye as I have, and although this sounds a bit like bragging, I enjoy it all the same with a hightened interest. It’s the details that give me extra joy.
    The dark wooden door of the townhouse could very nearly have been ours when we lived in a townhouse in Lutry, VD, Switzerland. I LOVED that door and we even had a (stupidly expensive) brass name plate made to give it that extra ‘umpf’….

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    1. Oh, doors are often wonderful , aren’t they. Not for nothing is there a WP Challenge called ‘Thursday doors’. I’m glad we notice the same things when out and about with a camera. All good clean fun!

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  2. You’ve made it look very inviting. I’ve just Googled it on maps. It’s further south than I had thought, but re-examing your photos, especially the lovely Old Town shot (with the patient woof), I can see that the buildings certainly don’t feel like those of northern France.


  3. Thank you Margaret for capturing our home town so beautifully. It’s so nice to be able to see it from someone else’s perspective, and I’m pretty sure I have some very similar shots in my photograph collection.

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  4. @ Sharon: I’m a sucker too for ‘outdoor washing lines’….. I can happily tell you that some of my best(est!) photo opps came from the Pyrenées, Portugal (everywhere), Barcelona, and funnily, quite some good ones from rural Switzerland (frozen huge underware in a winter garden in the Alps) and of course rural France…. I LOVE how we with a photographic lookout and a love for books, dogs, nature and friendships find like-minded people on the web. 🙂

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