Crepuscule Mark Two

My last post showed a sunrise over Corrèze. This is the sunset from our friends’ house in Laroque d’Olmes. You can’t see the Pyrenees from here, but the foothills, the Plantaurel.

Here’s the view from town.

Lovely as it is to see our friends (five hour lunch, eating, drinking, talking and laughing on a shaded terrace anyone?), Laroque has been a horrible disappointment.


Since we left, quelques petits commerces have closed. InterMarché has come to town. And McDonald’s. They’re building a Lidl, so I took a picture of the town through the webbing and netting of the building site. It’s not a small town any more. It’s one of those out-of-town roads lined with out-of-town stores. I’m just glad we no longer live here.

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  1. I can’t imagine you’d ever tire of the mountain view, as it must change frequently, especially with the seasons. We are sadly, also suffering with an influx of the big’M’ next to Lidls at St.Hilaire Du Harcouet. I don’t know if there were some objections but it was supposed to be completed in time for ‘Rentree’ and they’ve barely got past laying the foundations.


  2. It is so difficult the balance between heritage and modernisation. Communities have to expend a fair amount of time and energy not to get rolled over by the big brands with all their corporate identities making everywhere look the same. Hadleigh, (a small town in Suffolk only about 10 miles from Ipswich) has spent years battling to keep Tesco’s out. I don’t understand planning and planners. They so often miss the point that a town can have its own identity which can so easily be lost following the repercussions from the addition of two or three big chain outlets.

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    1. While we lived in Laroque, the independent shopkeepers and many citizens united to prevent the big brands taking over, against the opposition of the mayor. In the end, the mayor won. I’m not saying any pockets were lined ……

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