The cat that has eight lives

We were just getting back from our evening walk with Mortimer.  We’d already had a run in with Jacques the donkey.  Well, Mortimer had – he doesn’t seem to like him.  And now Jacques doesn’t like Mortimer.  As you can see.

On the home stretch, I glanced up.  Look at this cat.  Yes, the horizontal band running between the ground and first floors of this building is as narrow as you think it is.

The cat picked its way delicately forward until it came to the corner.  Now what?  It peered cautiously forward – the next building along was too far away.  It peered even more cautiously backwards, and nearly tumbled.  It thought hard.

Finally, and with infinite care, it walked, step by anxious step, backwards to the balcony where it had started its unwise adventure.  Another cat was hovering there.  Cheering?  Admonishing?  Getting a stiff whisky ready?  Who knows.

I don’t think this feline road show will be repeated tomorrow.

And Mortimer?  He hadn’t a clue why his evening walk had ground to an abrupt halt for ten minutes or so.  Just further evidence that his dog sitters, though amiable enough he supposes, are barking mad.

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I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

18 thoughts on “The cat that has eight lives”

  1. Good Lord; THAT cat must be in the ‚minus‘ section after that horror trip! Because his nine lives were so totally used up with that one go….. I first thought it was a painted cat on the ledge, because that‘s what I‘ve seen several times already, and in different countries too! Good heaven…..
    Powder Blue Mosaic for Christa

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  2. Top marks for dog sitting. Has your previously ambivalent attitude changed? The Corrèze is one of those areas which always look interesting as we dash south, and north, but never find time to stop and explore. When I’ve retired……!?

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  3. There are two cats who live in that house and they are always on the ledge. I have absolutely no idea why! Mortimer certainly has had no complaints about Margaret’s dog sitting skills, and we returned to a happy dog and a house which I’m pretty sure is cleaner than when we left. Recommended house sitters 🙂


    1. Ah, thanks. But the pleasure was all ours. And we plan to offer that spare bone, on Mortimer’s behalf, to the resident Yorkshire terrier at our current address.


  4. Love the donkey pics! And it must have been nerve wracking watching the precarious cat. They look so odd walking backwards. One of our cats gets herself up on top of a pelmet now and again, even though she knows that only rather undignified and awkward reversing will enable her to get back down!

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