Castle Howard

The weather is far too glorious to sit inside reading and writing blog posts. Let’s just go for a walk round the grounds of Castle Howard, which everyone of my generation knows as the star of  the 1981 production of Brideshead Revisited on ITV. If you want to know more about the building’s real history, just look here.

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20 thoughts on “Castle Howard”

  1. I’ve been once, with my boyfriend (now husband) and my dad when he came over to visit for my MA graduation from Leeds. A lovely place! I don’t think I’ve seen the Brideshead adaptation, though I have read the novel.

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    1. You’re not British. Your not of a certain age. I bet your husband’s parents have seen it if they’re old enough. It was one of those things EVERYBODY watched.


  2. I can’t believe my sister and I had to drive past and wave at Castle Howard unable to stop with a screaming baby and bad-tempered toddler desperately needing to arrive at the holiday let. We had both been looking forward to the visit. Big disappointment for my sister, Eng Lit person and huge fan of Brideshead. Your photos make a great advert and remind me that I should discuss another visit to Yorkshire. Perhaps a literary tour – so much to offer.

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  3. Oh do! A large county though, with literary offerings at every corner, from Malton to Hull to Howarth to name but a few…….


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