21 thoughts on “Hmmm……..”

  1. I was wondering if this is a new daily challenge or if your laptop really is doing this! If it is, you can try a reboot (which you have probably done) and/or shutting down and physically removing the battery, waiting for about a minute and then replacing it and then rebooting. Probably won’t solve the problem, but worth a try??


  2. Oh no! I wonder if it’s a mechanical problem i.e. with the keypad itself (the letters being next to each other prompted that thought) or a weird laptop malfunction. Hope it rights itself soon.

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    1. h’m, I expect that description will apply to me one day. But unlike a laptop I won’t be replaceable…. case of watching not my p’s and q’s but my b’s and n’s?


  3. Happy new-to-you laptop! My q has been sticking – when I determinedly pressed it into working, it would then put two qs on, so I would have to take one off. I read various tips online including turning it over and smacking it hard on the back. Probably a risky option, but it worked. Q is a bit easier to work round than b & n!


    1. I’m glad a bit of old fashioned discipline worked for your computer. Mine had several other problems too, and was pretty old, so it seemed to be time to pension it off. Technology eh? Bring back the quill pen!

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