Meadows, paddy fields and a good country walk



Back in England, it’s time to dust down our walking boots again.  As we stepped out today, on a beautifully fresh and clear early Autumn morning, we contrasted our walk from nearby Masham with hikes we’d gone on in Korea.

It was the weather we noticed first.  Probably it’s colder there now too, but then, we wore t shirts  and battled against the humidity.  We wore fleeces today.  We tramped through fungus-laden woodland in both countries.  Here though, as we glanced at the tussocky meadowland near the River Ure, we saw sheep, sometimes cattle .  There, valley floors were terraced with paddy fields, citric green with young rice.

Here, there were distant views of solid stone barns and farmhouses – even a country house, Clifton Castle.  There, we were more likely to come upon a hidden Buddhist temple, its solid, yet graceful wooden form painted cinnabar, blue-green, white, yellow and black.

In Korea, woodland in the countryside is dominant once you get away from ‘civilisation’.  Here, we drifted between woods, meadows, ploughed fields and ground by the open river .

We enjoyed the lot.  But today, we appreciated saying ‘hello’ again to our familiar local landscape.



Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

12 thoughts on “Meadows, paddy fields and a good country walk”

  1. Gorgeous photos Margaret – some I’d love to paint ( well try).
    We’re in Madrid just now- Thysson Gallery – looking at some beautiful paintings.

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  2. What a lovely landscape to enjoy walking across. How peaceful and what a contrast to your recent adventures. It’s cooling here as well, soon it will be very cold, for now it is nice to enjoy the cooler evenings and afternoons. Enjoy your next walk, I look forward to reading about it and seeing it through your lens. Peace.

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  3. Oh, to be in England, now that October is here! As much as you enjoyed your adventure, I would imagine it’s a huge comfort to be walking these beautiful, familiar paths again!


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