Silence is golden?


I’ll be going a bit silent for the next week or so.  I’m sporting a sling after long-awaited shoulder surgery (Four years ago in France, I tried a spot of unsupervised branch-sawing, and decided the resulting pain would go away on its own.  I’m really not cut out for D-I-Y).


  • Plenty of time to read.
  • Plenty of excuses not to clean the house/iron.


  • Can’t really cook (knife-wielding is far too difficult)
  • Can’t drive.
  • Can only use the computer for a few minutes.
  • Even having a shower is a bit difficult.
  • I’m not very good at enforced laziness.

Right.  That’s me then.  I’m off to do my little-old-lady mobility exercises.

My very first (single-handed) selfie.

My very first (single-handed) selfie.


29 thoughts on “Silence is golden?

  1. That’s weird–in two posts I’ve read in a row, the authors are having shoulder issues! Rotator cuff for you, too? I hope you’ll take it very easy and let yourself heal. I can relate to how hard that will be–one can only sit still and read for so long. I’ll be here when you get back!


  2. I will miss your walks and photos. Get stronger and mend. That is the most important thing you can do for yourself and Malcolm. Mend and get stronger. And of course, read. Peace.

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  3. Poor you! Hope the time doesn’t lie heavily. My husband is hobbling around at the moment with a slightly slipped disc which has trapped his sciatic nerve. He can’t do anything at the moment and he’s bored! I’m exhausted.

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  4. Hope you mend soon. A bit of enforced time to contemplate is no bad thing and will be worth it in the end even if it leaves you with a lot of bright ideas and a long to do list.

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